Patrick Altmeyer

Researching Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Finance and Economics. I am an economist by background with an interest in cross-disciplinary research on the intersection of Trustworthy AI and Financial Economics. For my PhD in Trustworthy AI, I currently focus on Counterfactual Explanations and Probabilisitic Machine Learning under supervision of Cynthia Liem and Arie van Deursen at Delft University of Technology. I am also a member of the AI for Fintech Research Lab.

Previously, I worked as an economist for Bank of England where I was involved in research, monetary policy briefings and market intelligence. I hold two masters degrees from Barcelona School of Economics, one in Data Science and one in Finance. I also hold an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Edinburgh.

📄 Resume: printable pdf or right here on this website.


You can best reach me via my work email or you can set up a chat.